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Do potatoes make you fat?

People love potatoes, the chips, the French fries, the cutlets, the samosas, the alooparathas, everything! But when most people decide to lose weight, the first thing they want to cut off from their diet is potatoes. Why? Do potatoes largely contribute to weight gain? Are they something to worry about in your diet? Dr Vinay Jadhav states that potatoes have nothing to do with weight gain but the main reasons for weight gain are eating food at improper timings.

According to Dr Vinay Jadhav potatoes are not bad carb food, they should not be despised and they do not cause fattening of any kind if eaten when you are hungry at proper time. Anything eaten just for the sake of eating is harmful. It is common ideology that if something tastes extremely good, they must contribute to weight gain. Potatoes are starchy vegetables which translate to their high levels of carbohydrates. Dr Vinay Jadhav states that they are very nutritious as they are one of the best sources of potassium that can be included in our daily diet and they also contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Dr Vinay Jadhav opines that potatoes are projected as a reason for the obesity epidemic due to the way they are eaten and the time at which they are consumed. A large population is used to eating snacks made from potatoes just because they feel like and not because they are hungry. Potato chips and fries are the best example of this.These are called comfort foods. Dr Vinay Jadhav states that it is due to these snacking habits which do not spring out of hunger, weight gain can be caused.

Dr Vinay Jadhav believes that every Carbohydrate eaten by an individual is ultimately converted into glucose and assimilated by the body as a source of energy. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, it is thus irrelevant where this glucose comes from. He maintains that healthy food habits and eating schedules should be followed to make the most of the food eaten. When the blood sugar level is maintained, there is no reason for weight gain. But when people remain hungry for a long time following crash diets or weight loss programs, they give the body a reason to give the starvation response. In this case, if deep fried or shallow fried potato products or any other foods are consumed, for that matter, the energy obtained from them is stored in the body in the form of fats. This fat forming tendency gives rise to weight gain even when you diet for losing weight. Dr Vinay Jadhav thus asserts that it is very important to quell the hunger of the body and not keep it starving as it can have a reverse effect.

According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, the potatoes are broadly classified as high on the glycemicindex- the number that indicates the effect of a certain food on the blood sugar level. However, they are actually medium. They do not make the blood sugar levels in your body go crazy unless you consumethem in a healthy way or as a part of a balanced food diet. Dr Vinay Jadhav states that when you consider the blood sugar levels, you are taking into account the entire food consumption and not a single item in your diet, so it is irrelevant to allocate a single food item to be a reason for weight gain.

Dr Vinay Jadhav says that no matter what you eat, it is necessary for you to avoid your body to form fats. This can be done by providing the body enough energy through enough food, round the clocl. You cannot expect a good result if you starve yourself because even if you do lose weight this way, it is bound to come back sooner than later.

Obesity is a pandemic condition today. It has various repercussions on the body as it makes the body susceptible to various health issues. Instead of classifying food products as fattening, once should try to have a balanced diet, such that you don’t have to quit on the foods you like but at the same time you don’t overeat and harm your body. Potatoes, when boiled or baked provide the body a fuller eating experience and are a source of great energy to the body. If consumed in a healthy form, they can be a part of your balanced diet. Dishes with mashed, boiled potatoes are very easy to prepare and can make up for a healthy lunch or dinner. Remember, a weight gaining tendency is induced in the body when you fast/starve for a long duration. It is not important how many potatoes you eat a day, it is important how you eat them and when you eat them.

Dr Vinay Jadhav has reason to believe that most dieters are afraid to consume anything related to potatoes because they are afraid of the huge amount of calories present in the potatoes. He reiterates that calories have nothing to do with weight gain. They are a measure of energy and nothing else. Having a diet should not be considered a stepping stone to lose weight or the basis of any weight loss program. A calorie centric weight loss program prohibits you from eating high calorific food, and if you do, you are expected to burn them with exercise. But, Dr Vinay Jadhav says that until you quell the hunger of your body adequately, all the calories are successfully converted to glucose and used up by the body. If you starve, the body converts the little amount of food that it gets to fats and over time this causes weight gain.

Dr Vinay Jadhav insists that people should whatever they like, then be it potatoes or anything else. Your body does not need to suffer due to your irregular eating habits or your extreme dieting spree. It has to remain satisfied and healthy.



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*Disclaimer- This article is intended for informative purposes only. The views expressed in this article are the personal views of Dr Vinay Jadhav. Please consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program.

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