Dr Vinay Jadhav on the problems associated with cloth shopping for overweight people

The Plus Size Shopping of the Eternal Enthusiast

Every time you accompany an overweight or obese friend of yours for shopping, how do you feel? When you go alone, you never even look at the plus size section of clothes, but when you are with this really sweet friend of yours, you are ready to turn the whole shelf up and down. It is a known fact that overweight people are very conscious about their appearance and constantly feel embarrassed about their bodies. However, there are many overweight people who are actually carefree and feel happy the way they are.
Dr Vinay Jadhav states that there are psychological repercussions of being overweight. These can arise due to various factors like repeated rejection in peer group, indirect discrimination based on the weight, social discomfort, introvert nature and low self-esteem. Dr Vinay Jadhav states that these factors may even amount to depression and anxiety in people.
Shopping is in many ways therapeutic for people, especially girls. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, overweight people may or may not enjoy cloth shopping. The behavior of overweight people can be classified into two types:

1.The overweight people who buy loose, comfortable clothes
2.The overweight people who buy clothes a little tighter

The overweight people who buy loose and comfortable clothes think more about their personal comfort. Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that they take into account the time for which these clothes can be worn. Looser clothes ensure that even if they put on a little weight later, they can still be worn. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, this group of people clearly accepts their way of life and has either lost at the attempt of losing weight or is too lazy to try. In short, he thinks these people are not ready to make any sacrifices in their life to be in a better shape or have tried losing weight and failed several times.
Dr Vinay Jadhav tells that the second group of people who buy a little tighter clothes are hoping to lose weight. They are in the process of making a difference in their body by following a weight loss program or trying something similar. Dr Vinay Jadhav feels that this second group does not mind the discomfort of wearing clothes that are little tighter because they hope to lose weight soon. However, most of them end up stocking clothes that do not fit them properly in their closets.
Dr Vinay Jadhav says that weight loss and the research in the field has reached places and those who are interested in losing weight should pursue a good weight loss program. The percentage of obese people is steadily increasing and this needs to be taken care of.

Another behavioral aspect of obese or overweight people that Dr Vinay Jadhav tells is that they are very jolly and happy. This is because various jokes are cracked on their physique, dressing and eating habits and they are used to it. When shopping at malls, the overweight people do not seek the help of assistants because they are conscious to ask for sizes or answer their questions. Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that this behavior stems from their guarded behavior to avoid any situations which will hurt them emotionally. There have been several articles and blogs written by overweight people on their experiences while shopping at big fashion outlets. Dr Vinay Jadhav opines that most of them had a terrible experience either due to no variety in the plus size, bad service, over-priced clothes and the overall shopping experience. The problem with the shopping stores is that they do not have much variety in the plus size clothes so they have to choose from a limited stock, thus limiting their fashion scale.
Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that obese people can turn their lives around if they take it to their heart to lose weight. He also thinks that obese people should wear the clothes they like and feel comfortable in. Here are some tips for buying good clothes:

  • 1. Do not torture yourself. If you do not find anything interesting, do not get depressed, move on to another shop.
  • 2. If you are very conscious about your weight, start with the black clothes. The black color provides a flow to your body and will look good on you, no matter what!
  • 3. If you are kind of a shopper who buys safe because you are worried about gaining weight, you should go for loose button-down shirts. They will flatter skirts, jeans and pants alike and will be really comfortable. Do not get anything skin tight if you are worried about your tummy.
  • 4. Don’t eat before you go on a shopping spree. This will help you a great deal while you try clothes on. Don’t shy away while you try things; try everything new and in-fashion.
  • 5. Floral patterns and plains are the best choice for people of any size. They can be paired with any other solid colors.
  • 6. Tshirts can be your best friends if you are looking only for comfort and nothing else.
  • 7. Buy clothes that highlight your best features like your eyes, hair, and your height.

Dr Vinay Jadhav feels that obese people should not limit to anything particular and should enjoy shopping just as others do. Dr Vinay Jadhav feels that since the body needs to feel comfortable, comfort should not be ignored. If you are really confident about your weight loss program, only then should you buy clothes a size smaller. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, it is necessary for those who are not so happy with their weight to feel happy about looking nice. Quitting entirely on the prospect of feeling good about yourself will further push you into depression.

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*Disclaimer- This article is intended for informative purposes only. The views expressed in this article are the personal views of Dr Vinay Jadhav. Please consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program.

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